Wednesday, September 26, 2012

POST 267: Veil for SALE..!!

Now launching my new collection of veils..
“Zahra” – taken from my daughter’s name…
NEW, READY-MADE veil for sale…
*limited stock only….1st come 1st serve basis*


Made from Hi- Quality Chiffon & Exclusive Lace
Detailing: Sequins, Pearls & 3d flowers/ Waist height
Net Price: RM 150 (Exclude Postage)
Available in 4 colours

(light pink, light yellow, tiffany blue & off white)

1st come 1st serve basis.
2 days for booking à if not received payment after 2 days, booking will be cancelled.
Pls add RM6 for postage.
Posting on every Tuesday & Thursday only.

Interested; Kindly leave ur mail to


Anonymous said...

salam...nm sy aini. kak, bleh x klu nk tempah design yg sm tp wane ungu cair?

klu bleh tempah email kat sy detail bleh x?

naju said...

nak yang warna kuning tapi worried la takut warna beza dengan baju nikah. acane nak tahu exact kaler ye?

Glory jane said...

salam lijah...
lama tak dgr berita... congrats for both (zahrah & zahrah) hehehe.

Izul Lea said...

Boleh email sy price yg kaler pink tu? Thnks.

naju said...

lijah, sorry tak hupdet pasal veil yang u hantar tu. baru dapat smlm dari tunang.aritu ada masalah sikit dgn pos, kene collect kat postoffice. thank you. cantik sangat. thanks ye :')

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